• Bradcot Portico XL Plus

    Bradcot Portico XL Plus

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    Bradcot Portico XL Plus Details

    Material: Wall made of 'Solution Dyed Acrylic.' Roof made of 'Ten Cate' Coated Polyester. (Heat Reflective)
    Dimensions: Height 2.30mtr-2.50mtr. Width at Rail 3.38mtr (11ft 1") Width at Floor 3.98mtr (13ft 1"). Projection 2.4mtr (8ft). NB. Due to both back legs of the Portico XL being vertical, the width between back legs is 2.86mtrs (9ft 4") at rail height and floor height. This measurement should be used when calculating clearance between caravan door and windows etc.
    Frame: Easy Alloy System only.
    Annexe: 520 Standard Annexe or 520 Tall Annexe
    Removable Panels: 1 Front. 2 Sides. (1 x Side having a Full Ventilated Mesh Window)

    NB. All Bradcot Awnings come supplied with Draught Skirt, Wheel Arch Cover, Curtains (with curtain poles), Pegs, Pegging Ladders, Awning Bag, Pole Bag and Guy Ropes.

    Bradcot Portico XL Plus Description

    If the extremely popular Bradcot Portico XL isn't big enough for you, then the Bradcot Portico XL Plus Porch Awning is sure to be. Boasting all the features of the XL, the Portico XL Plus is nearly a massive 60cm wider and it comes complete with a fully ventilated side mesh window, which can be used on either side of the porch awning and is available with Bradcot's Easy System Alloy Frame as standard. The Btadcot Portico XL Plus boasts a depth of 8ft, which allows the addition of a standard Bradcot Annexe or a Bradcot Annexe 520 Tall, this can be achieved by removing both or either of the Portico XL side panels to increase the size of the porch even further. After fitting your Annexe, simply reverse the side panel and zip back in again, ideal to give a little privacy to those sleeping in the annexe, or great for hiding the bikes and barbecue. As with the Portico XL the awning piping is continued down each side of the back leg, allowing you to fix the porch to the rear of the caravan, this is often described as a 3/4 Length Awning or a Combi Awning.

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