• Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle AWD

    Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle AWD

    Product Code PT-EV-TA-AWD
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    Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle AWD Motor Mover Specifications

    Operational Voltage - 12 Volt DC
    Average Current Consumption - 20 A
    Maximum Current Consumption - 80 A
    Speed - 28cm/second
    Weight - approx 60kg
    Permissible Overall Weight - 3500kg
    Permissible Overall Weight 15% Gradient  - 2500kg
    Permissible Overall Weight 20% Gradient - 2300kg
    Permissible Overall Weight 25% Gradient - 2000kg
    Power Source caravan leisure battery - 12V 85Ah
    Guarantee - 5 Years

    Powrtouch Evolution Twin Axle AWD Motor Mover Details

    - Manual or Auto, electric remote roller engagement with cross actuation
    - Four motor system for Twin axle caravans
    - Ultra efficient power train, high-grip lightweight 70mm dia extruded Aluminium rollers
    - Centre push design
    - New state-of-the-art 4-pole electric motor
    - British design and engineering - COP305 compliant.
    - Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 & TUV approved
    - Soft Start - Less stress to the chassis giving complete, fluent control to the operator enabling effortless parking in tight spaces easy connection to towing vehicle
    - Unique two button safety control to activate system.
    - Low battery flashing indicator on control box and hand set
    - Braking occurs immediately your finger is released from the operating buttons
    - Automatic 20 minute cut off if unit is not in use. Reverse polarity protected (against incorrect battery connection)
    - Additional back up lead should you experience interference with radio controlled handset
    - Easily transferred if caravan is upgraded.
    - Works on wet or uneven terrain
    - Palm sized, lightweight, handheld remote controller with holder
    - Compact design offering better ground clearance.
    - Easy DIY installation for the competent person
    - Single piece powder-coated Aluminium casting
    - Motor overload protection
    - Advanced safety features built into electronic control box

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