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Complete Caravan Leveling System

The E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem is a complete caravan leveling system that helps to keep your caravan safe and secure. This automatic system is easy to use and always keeps your caravan horizontal.

Set up is easy. The entire system weighs just 30kg and can lift caravans up to a total weight of 3.5 tons. Upon setup, your caravan will sit completely horizontal in just 120 seconds. Just push a button to get your caravan sitting properly, totally automatically.

The complete caravan leveling system is maintenance free, completely hydraulic, and gentle on your caravan’s chassis. It is designed to work with no wear and tear, and as well as providing easy leveling it can act as an additional form of theft protection.

Complete Caravan Leveling System – A Must Have

The Benefits of the Complete Caravan Leveling System Include:

  • Get your caravan level at the push of a button
  • No maintenance needed
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Keeps your sinks and showers draining efficiently
  • Protect your caravan from theft
  • Works on a 12v leisure battery
Caravan Leveling System

Caravan Levelling System Video

How it Works

The complete caravan leveling system includes two hydraulic jacks that can be mounted to the axle of the caravan, allowing you to raise and level it easily, as well as stabilise it while it is standing. There are four ‘Big Foot’ corner steadies to provide front and back leveling too, spreading the caravan’s weight. This means that the caravan won’t swing or bounce while in use. You’ll get a good night’s sleep in a stable, level caravan, and the chassis will last longer too since you won’t have to worry about too much force being spread through too few supports. It’s a must-have for all caravan owners.

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