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VB Semi Air Suspension

The VB Semi Air suspension system is an adjustable suspension that is suitable for use on vehicles with leaf springs. The suspension uses an air spring that is fitted between the chassis and the rear axle of the vehicle, supporting the leaf spring and making it smoother and more stable.

Upgrading your fleet to use Semi Air Suspension will make the vehicles more stable, and offer improved ride height. This is an affordable, good value upgrade that requires minimal downtime for installation, and can provide good returns. The suspension will protect your vehicle and the load inside of it from damage even when driving on poor quality roads. The increased ride height offers security benefits since heavy loads are less noticeable from the outside.

VB Semi Air suspension will reduce the maintenance burden for your fleet, and make the vehicle last longer because it puts less strain on the shock absorbers. Choose from a base kit for smaller vehicles, the comfort kit for passenger vehicles, and LevelAir for the ultimate in control. VB Level Air takes the basic, manual control of VB Semi Air and adds automatic level control to keep your vehicle at the perfect ride height, with minimal off center travel, when driving on difficult terrain. Contact us today to discuss your suspension needs.

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