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Quest Awnings for Caravans and Motorhomes

Quest Awnings

We stock a fantastic selection of Quest Awnings for use with caravans and motorhomes. We are sure to have one that will suit your needs both in terms of size and functionality.
Quest have designed and manufactured their Inflatable Air Awnings very much with the customer in mind, by considering weight, ease of assembly and durability while not compromising the aesthetics of the awnings. Creating an all-round pleasing addition to any caravan or motorhome.
The three pillars of the Quest Inflatable Air Awning range are the use of the Air Erect System (AES), HydroDore SL Fabric and the Anti-Weather System (AWS).

Quest Motorhome Awnings

Quest Hydra 300 Awning

Hydra 300 Awning

Type – Motorhome Awning
Van Connection Height: Low: 180 – 210 cm | Mid: 210 – 245 cm
Full Size (W x H x D): Low: 300 x 210 x 340 – 370 cm | Mid: 300 x 210 x 340 – 370 cm

Quest Caravan Awnings

Quest Travel Smart Lynx 200 Awning

Travel Smart Lynx 200 Awning

Type – Caravan Awning
Awning Rail Height: 235 – 250 cm
Full Size (W x H x D): 200 x 235 – 250 x 235 cm

Quest Air Erect System (AES)

The Air Erect System is comprised of a four-layer structure the come together to achieve added strength and stability to their awnings.
Layer 1 – The internal bladder, which is the part that is inflated.
Layer 2 and 3 – These layers come together to make a bonded layer comprising of a PE and a polyester cover. The PE cover is also given extra strength and stability with reinforcement at stress points.
Layer 4 – The final layer brings everything together with a sleeve that is sewn into the awning. This layer ensures that the tubes are held into position more effectively while providing protection around said air tubes.

HydroDore SL Fabric

The benefits of using HydroDore SL Fabric in the manufacture of these Quest Awnings are plentiful and integral to the overall quality of them.
Around three times better than what is generally considered waterproof, with the use of a 75D with a high-performance coating giving a hydrostatic head of 3000mm compared to 1000mm that is generally considered to be waterproof.
Extra protection against harmful UV rays form the sun, extending the life of your awning, is also offered by the coating.
The material is fast drying and very easy to clean and the lightweight nature of it means that folding and packing away is much less arduous than some other caravan and motorhome awnings.

Quest Anti-Weather System (AWS)

Several improvements have been made to create the Anti-Weather System and they have really drilled down into the design to identify and then better protect the areas of the awnings that are most susceptible to damage caused by the weather.
Additional protection panels have been sewn into the canvas at the points that were found to be potentially vulnerable. The panels are PU coated and taped on both sides to ensure better weather protection.
Rather than standard webbing material, that is typically used for all the back points or pockets that are sewn in, Quest have used 100% waterproof PVC to prevent any water soaking in, which can lead to leaks over time.
Additional guttering has been added to external windows with zips again adding to the extra protection from the weather.

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